Operations with Integers Math Worksheets

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Many of the worksheets for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers were recently updated on Math-Drills, and many new worksheet options were added. Check out the new operations with integers math worksheets now or continue reading for more details. As with other new math worksheets in the past few years, these ones were made to … continue reading

Long Multiplication with Grid Support Worksheets Update

An important concept in successfully completing a long multiplication question using a pencil and paper method is to line up the numbers properly! Without a proper alignment, mistakes can be made and the final product will be affected. So, what do you do about students who have trouble lining up their numbers? Graph paper helps; … continue reading

New and Improved Comparing Fractions Worksheets

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A recent update to the comparing fractions worksheets on Math-Drills saw improvements to various aspects of the existing worksheets and various new worksheet options added. Comparing fractions involves deciding which of two fractions is greater in value or if the two fractions are equal in value. There are generally four methods that can be used … continue reading

Division Facts with Long Division Symbol Update

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New and Revised Division Facts Worksheets Most people in the English-speaking world are familiar with the long division symbol which is also known as the long division bracket. It is composed of a right parenthesis which separates the divisor on the left from the dividend on the right. Above the dividend is an overbar (aka … continue reading

Multi-Digit Subtraction Worksheets Revised

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A large number of multi-digit subtraction worksheets were updated to be fillable and savable with design improvements, and the subtraction page in general was revised for clarity and to group together similar worksheets. This also included removing some “legacy” subtraction worksheets which duplicated newer ones. The updated worksheets include almost all of the vertically arranged … continue reading

Fillable Monthly and Yearly Calendars

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Happy 2023! In the new year, the calendars on Math-Drills were overhauled and fillable/savable versions were added. Now you can create your own custom calendars, save them and print them. Yearly Calendars All of the former yearly calendars were revised. They have a new layout, a new look and now include versions with a Monday … continue reading

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group Stage Tracking Chart Answers

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Now that the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is over, it is possible to present the answers to the Math-Drills Group Stage Tracking Chart. If you’ve been following along, there were some exciting games, and as usual, there were surprises and disappointments. Sixteen teams were eliminated and sixteen teams moved on to … continue reading

Horizontally Arranged Arithmetic Worksheets

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Over the past month, I’ve been replacing and adding horizontally arranged arithmetic worksheets to Math-Drills. The older ones are being replaced because the new ones are fillable and savable. This gives you an option of completing the worksheets on the screen or on paper. At the same time, I’ve reorganized some sections, so a few … continue reading

Halloween 2022 Secret Messages

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Happy October! For many, October is the month of Halloween math worksheets! Math-Drills includes many options for holiday themed math worksheets, and Halloween is no exception. A new type of Halloween math worksheet has appeared for 2022 which might seem familiar because it was also added for Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter earlier this year; … continue reading

2022 World Cup Soccer Tracking Charts

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The FIFA World Cup is coming this fall and it is a perfect opportunity for unique math activities. Math-Drills offered tracking charts in 2014 and 2018, and now you can access the improved 2022 versions! Following is a quick summary of the 2022 charts. Group Stage Tracking Chart The group stage starts with 32 teams … continue reading