Horizontally Arranged Arithmetic Worksheets

Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash.com

Over the past month, I’ve been replacing and adding horizontally arranged arithmetic worksheets to Math-Drills. The older ones are being replaced because the new ones are fillable and savable. This gives you an option of completing the worksheets on the screen or on paper. At the same time, I’ve reorganized some sections, so a few … continue reading

Halloween 2022 Secret Messages

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Happy October! For many, October is the month of Halloween math worksheets! Math-Drills includes many options for holiday themed math worksheets, and Halloween is no exception. A new type of Halloween math worksheet has appeared for 2022 which might seem familiar because it was also added for Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter earlier this year; … continue reading

2022 World Cup Soccer Tracking Charts

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The FIFA World Cup is coming this fall and it is a perfect opportunity for unique math activities. Math-Drills offered tracking charts in 2014 and 2018, and now you can access the improved 2022 versions! Following is a quick summary of the 2022 charts. Group Stage Tracking Chart The group stage starts with 32 teams … continue reading

Summer Missing Digits and July 4 Cartesian Art

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The summer missing digits math worksheets were updated to include more colorful clipart and to be fillable and savable. This update dispenses with the old monochrome single image and replaces it with a variety of interesting summer imagery. The worksheets are now fillable and savable which allows you to complete them in your browser and … continue reading

Fraction Circles and Strips Updated

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I recently noticed that the fraction circles and fraction strips on the website showed some inconsistencies and needed improvement. If you aren’t familiar with these manipulatives, they are generally used for learning about fractions and often for comparing fractions. With some creativity, they can be used for a wide variety of activities, some of which … continue reading

New Easter Math Worksheets 2022

Photo by Haley Owens https://unsplash.com/@haleyo

There are a few new math worksheets for Easter 2022 on Math-Drills. Following the popularity of the secret message and missing digits worksheets from previous holidays, these have now been added for Easter! The Easter page also has Cartesian art, an Easter egg map activity, arithmetic worksheets that follow the Easter Bunny’s path, word problems, and counting and patterning … continue reading

Saint Patrick’s Day 2022

Photo by Timothy Dykes https://unsplash.com/@timothycdykes

Math-Drills includes an entire page devoted to Saint Patrick’s Day math worksheets including patterning, comparing, counting, geometry, word problems and arithmetic. Two new additions to the page this year are described below. Secret Saint Patrick’s Day Messages Secret message worksheets are classic worksheets that I remember when I was a child many many (well, okay … continue reading

Writing Numbers in Words Fillable Worksheets

In general, we don’t often write large numbers in words, so is this a necessary skill for students to learn? With very little check/cheque writing going on these days, it may seem like the kind of skill that is unnecessary; however, when students say numbers, they are saying verbatim how a number would be written, … continue reading

99, 100 and 120 Charts Updated

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Recently, all of the 99, 100 and 120 charts on the Number Sense Worksheets page were updated. These types of charts are used for many purposes, but are often used for learning numbers and counting. After reading some compelling arguments about bottom-up counting charts, I made sure that each of the 99, 100 and 120 charts also had … continue reading

Cupid in Ancient Rome

Map of Roman Empire 117 CE

Cupid, that Ancient Roman love God is now the subject of a Valentine’s Day math activity that involves a map, a distance chart, and some open-ended questions. If it sounds familiar, you have probably encountered Santa’s Route which is an activity that has been on the website for years, but got an overhaul for this past Christmas. … continue reading