Money Worksheets


Welcome to the money worksheets page at where you will not be short-changed! This page includes Money worksheets for counting coins and for operations with Dollars, Euros, and Pounds.

Students encounter money early on, and they must be able to manage it themselves in their everyday lives and into adulthood. There are many activities that you can do related to counting, adding, and subtracting money, so save some coins or purchase some play money to complete some of the activities on the money math worksheets below.

The policies of the United States Mint and the European Central Bank allow us to use their coin images on our worksheets. The Canadian coin images are used with permission from the Royal Canadian Mint. Permission to use Australian currency coin designs was obtained from the Royal Australian Mint.

Counting Coins Worksheets

Rounding Money Amounts

Adding and Subtracting Money

Multiplying and Dividing Money