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New and Improved Comparing Fractions Worksheets

A recent update to the comparing fractions worksheets on Math-Drills saw improvements to various aspects of the existing worksheets and various new worksheet options added.

Comparing proper fractions example questions with one filled in

Comparing fractions involves deciding which of two fractions is greater in value or if the two fractions are equal in value. There are generally four methods that can be used for comparing fractions.

First is to use common denominators. If both fractions have the same denominator, comparing the fractions simply involves comparing the numerators. Equivalent fractions can be used to convert one or both fractions, so they have common denominators.

A second method is to convert both fractions to a decimal and compare the decimal numbers.

Visualization is the third method. Using something like fraction strips, two fractions can be compared with a visual tool.

The fourth method is to use a cross-multiplication strategy where the numerator of the first fraction is multiplied by the denominator of the second fraction; then the numerator of the second fraction is multiplied by the denominator of the first fraction. The resulting products can be compared to decide which fraction is greater (or if they are equal).

Highlights of this Update

  • questions are now numbered;
  • worksheets are fillable and savable, so you have the option of using them on a screen rather than printing;
  • terminology related to the fractions was updated to be clearer;
  • Comparing improper to improper fractions worksheets were added;
  • Comparing improper to mixed fractions worksheets were added;
  • Comparing mixed to mixed fractions worksheets were added (example questions pictured below).
Comparing mixed fractions example questions

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