Tour of

Welcome to the tour! This tour will orient you quickly to the website, so you can start printing or viewing math worksheets as quickly as possible.

View an introductory video to the website on YouTube.

The Header

The header looks very much the same on every page.

Image of the website header.

  1. Navigation Menu
  2. Math-Drills logo and a link to the home page
  3. Search bar
  4. Page title

Topic Page Menus

Topic pages will have a menu at the top of the page under the navigation menu that shows the sub-topics on the page. Use this menu to get to a specific sub-topic quickly or scroll down to browse through the entire page.

Category menu on topic pages.

Worksheet Links

Worksheet links are found on topic pages and are numbered for convenience and ease of use. Clicking or tapping on a worksheet link will open a worksheet page.

Worksheet links on topic pages.

Worksheet Pages

Worksheet pages look similar to topic pages; however, a worksheet page includes preview images of the math worksheet and buttons to print, open, and download. If there are student versions available, there will be six buttons; otherwise, there will be three buttons. Full versions include the question and answer pages in one document. Student versions include the question page(s) only.

Print, open, and download buttons on worksheet page.

Preview images show the first two pages unless the PDF is only one page. For most worksheets, this will show the question and answer page. If other versions of this math worksheet exist, they will appear under the preview images of the current worksheet.

Preview images and other versions example.

Navigating Math-Drills with Phones and Tablets

Navigating Math-Drills from a phone or tablet is very much the same as navigating from a desktop computer except the elements will rearrange themselves to fit on your screen.