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Welcome Teachers!

Thanks for visiting Math-Drills.Com. This math website was created in 2005 with a goal of sharing math resources with parents and teachers who didn't have sufficient resources available at their fingertips. With every new school year comes a number of students who don't have a grasp of basic math facts. This very often results in these same students struggling to succeed with the math curriculum. Math worksheets can help in many ways. You can use them as a diagnostic assessment tool, as ready-made questions with answers for teacher-led lessons, and when students would benefit from repeated practice. Several holiday-themed math worksheets are included as students need refreshers once in a while, and fancy holiday math worksheets are a way of making the refresher fairly painless and somewhat entertaining.

It isn't suggested that you continue to "drill" students when they are showing no signs of progress; this probably means that the student needs a different approach. Instead, use math worksheets found on this website in a non-threatening way: they are best used in conjunction with great teaching/learning strategies. For example, to teach the addition of three-digit numbers, you might create base-ten blocks questions using questions found on one of the math worksheets. In this example, students are not sitting at their desk with a pencil using an algorithm, they are manipulating base-ten blocks; the math worksheet is used as a source of questions that come with answer keys, so students get feedback on their results, and the teacher saves time.

You may have noticed that we don't have any curriculum cross-references. Math curriculums come and go and vary widely from country to country and state to state. Also, you most likely have a number of students in your class that aren't working at "grade level." We made a decision a long time ago to organize and categorize the website by skill rather than by any single curriculum. And thank goodness we didn't since we would spend all our time cross-referencing and never making anything new.

We appreciate you visiting Math-Drills.Com, and hope that you will continue to visit for many years to come.