Integers Worksheets


Welcome to the integers worksheets page at where you may have a negative experience, but in the world of integers, that's a good thing! This page includes Integers worksheets for comparing and ordering integers, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers and order of operations with integers.

If you've ever spent time in Canada in January, you've most likely experienced a negative integer first hand. Banks like you to keep negative balances in your accounts, so they can charge you loads of interest. Deep sea divers spend all sorts of time in negative integer territory. There are many reasons why a knowledge of integers is helpful even if you are not going to pursue an accounting or deep sea diving career. One hugely important reason is that there are many high school mathematics topics that will rely on a strong knowledge of integers and the rules associated with them.

We've included a few hundred integers worksheets on this page to help support your students in their pursuit of knowledge. You may also want to get one of those giant integer number lines to post if you are a teacher, or print off a few of our integer number lines. You can also project them on your whiteboard or make an overhead transparency. For homeschoolers or those with only one or a few students, the paper versions should do. The other thing that we highly recommend are integer chips a.k.a. two-color counters. Read more about them below.

Integer Resources

Comparing and Ordering Integers

Adding and Subtracting Integers

Multiplying and Dividing Integers

All Operations with Integers