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Division Facts with Long Division Symbol Update

New and Revised Division Facts Worksheets

Most people in the English-speaking world are familiar with the long division symbol which is also known as the long division bracket. It is composed of a right parenthesis which separates the divisor on the left from the dividend on the right. Above the dividend is an overbar (aka vinculum) and above that is the quotient. The work is done below the question. Many people also use the division symbol with division facts rather than presenting questions similar to vertical addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Example division facts question using division symbol/bracket

When written horizontally, the division sign (aka obelus) is used between the dividend on the left and the divisor on the right. The question is followed by an equals sign to the right and the quotient is written to the right of that.

Example division facts question using division sign.

Recently, many new and revised division facts worksheets were added to the division page at Math-Drills, including vertically-arranged questions with the long division symbol and horizontally-arranged questions with the long division sign. All of the new worksheets are fillable and savable.

Besides the additional worksheets, the entire division worksheets page was re-organized to be similar to the multiplication facts page.

A few worksheets with larger “facts” were added based on a suggestion from one of our visitors. These can all be found in the “Division Facts beyond the 12 Times Table” section.

Lastly, some division facts tables (in the first section) were added for larger numbers and to fill in gaps in the lesser numbers.

Division Facts Tables in Color 13 to 24