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Selected Email Feedback Received

These drill worksheets are awesome. Thank you for this resource.

beautiful website !! such good practise material ....I appreciate the content and the way everything is explained ... thanks

I absolutely love your website. I use it daily and suggest your website to all of the parents at my school.

I think this is a good website which helps me to print out things for my child she finds them difficult at fist but she got used to the difficulty . Which makes me feel she wants to learn more . I really approve this to all my friend.

Thank you so much for your website. It has helped my son learn and love math. I just wanted you to know it has helped him. Thank you, also, for making this site free.

These worksheets are very helpful for extra practice, independent work for students!! I like using them in my special education classroom!!

Love your web site and have been using it for years! You always provide plenty of practice which is exactly what my population needs.

Hi, I really love your worksheets. My daughter (11 years old) who has ASD (Aspergers) loves doing these because she says the worksheets are 'uncluttered' and she refuses to look at anything unless it comes from Maths Drills.

this is awesome my kids love it it helps them in school a lot

Awesome site. I teach 5th graders and this is the way I should've started my year instead of multi-digit multiplication, which they couldn't get because they don't know their facts. Thank you

Thank you for your help. Your worksheets have been a great help to me over the years. I have recommended your website to many parents interested in helping their children.

You are very kind and gracious! ;) My only feedback is how great the worksheets are and how much I appreciate not having to make them myself as I was doing before. I home school five of my children and the time spent making them was burdensome (especially since math is obviously not my first language). Thanks again.

This worksheets are great. I am homeschooling a third grader and we’re working on his multiplication facts. The Drills that I found on this website are a huge help. Thank you so much.

I just absolutely LOVE this! I’m a mother of 3 and during the summer days (and school) I can’t seem to get a lot of worksheets from the kids school and this is a great website for parents to keep their children engaged in school work all year round =) .Thank you so much!!

Just wanting to say thanks so much for your incredible sheets. I use them for students every morning in some form or other and they learned their tables, with division included. Your sheets save me weeks of time and great frustration. They are brilliant and I will be eternally grateful.

We have been homeschooling for 4 years. This is one of our favorite sites. It has helped immensely. Thank you for making it available.

Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU for your incredible resource.

I recently started the year in a new long-term subbing position as a middle school At-Risk Math teacher, supplementing my students' regular math class with extra lessons and help. I have students at three different grade levels and four different math courses who need practice in addition to the math from their text books. I was so pleased to find your website and be able to print out practice pages without having to create my own from start to finish or search through dozens of different resources to find enough variety of practice for all my students. So I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for providing this wonderful resource.

I'm a homeschool mom who appreciates having access to worksheets (free!).

I have a 6yr old son who has benefited immensely from your addition worksheets. I was very poor at maths in school, in fact i am still very bad at maths. I just wanted my son to be better at maths. The maths worksheets helped him very much with the practice he needed and he is very good at maths, in fact he is the best student in his class in maths. We live in a small town in India. I am very grateful and want to thank you for the free worksheets you provide on your website. i have recommended the website all my friends.

Stumbled upon your site … I can’t thank you enough. My daughter struggles so much in school --- she’s a young student with her birthday right before the cut off. Your sheets have been supporting our efforts to strengthen her skills over the summer. Many have suggested online games, aps for iPods, etc. However, there is such a huge VALUE in work sheets. That is how children are taught in school! They need that consistency and reinforcement. Thank you from a much appreciative mom.

I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU your way! I am so appreciative of the website you have put together! I am a special education teacher at the junior high and high school level this year. For the past seven years, however, I have been teaching K-5 resource room. This year I had the challenge of teaching 8th grade math to a freshman. He needs lots of extra practice on skills. I am so happy to have found your website so I could find the many different practice sheets on the skills we were working on. I am also grateful that your site is completely free! So... thank you so much!!!

Just wanted to say I fell upon your website while frantically trying to find some maths worksheets for my girls for extra practice, having bought many workbooks that never really had exactly what we needed, and I have to say your website is fantastic and a god send for me...thank you for all the hard work that has obviously gone into this site. I will be recommending it to many of my friends who also care about their childs education and need a bit of additional inspiration. My girls will not be saying thank you as I have got so carried away with the worksheets they will be having a very busy and studious Easter!!!

I've used your website for years now. Thank you for it and keeping it free!

Your resource is bar none! I spent HOURS trying to find the simple and progressive format you provide. Many thanks!!!! My only regret is that it took too long to find you!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! To all of you who provide this wonderful resource. My son really struggles with math. What a blessing it is to be able to give him extra practice with the particular skill he is struggling with. You are all AWESOME!

I know you are busy, but I help tutor at my children's school and this website has been extremely helpful!

I just wanted to say thank you for creating your site. It has helped me tremendously!

Just wanted to drop someone a note of gratitude for all the resources you provide. While I do not believe in "drill and kill,", I do know the importance of practice and your worksheets are great for that. I also use them for some RtI documentation when indicated. Thank you again for helping us by providing a great resource.

I would like to thank you for offering so many worksheets on line for free. I have two adopted grandsons (my retirement), 2nd and 4th grade. I like to teach them at home (the schools have enough to do) and your worksheets make my life easier in the math area. The school is using your worksheets too. That is where I got your website.

Thank you for making it easier to tutor my relatives. This is the most impressive service made available to the public. It’s more valuable when you consider I don’t have a job; thus, unable to afford a service like this one.

I'm an exceptional student education teacher (special ed in Florida) and I teach grades K-5 in my resource room. Your website has been a tremendous help when I need to help my students grasp a basic concept through repetition. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into these worksheets, and for providing them to us for free!

While looking for worksheets (to practice solving 3 equations and 3 variables), I found math-drills.. Fantastic website! There is tons of great content that's easy to use...

You seriously need to be awarded some title for putting together such a wonderful resource. I love it! I love you!

Thanks! As a special education teacher, my students need lots of practice and I really appreciate everything you make available!

I just wanted to thank you for your website. It has become an invaluable resource to me the past few years since discovering it. I have used it primarily for reteaching and intervention work, as well as supplemental practice pages when parents have asked for it. Again, thank you!

You are so helpful and your goal is to make sure that teachers have the resources they need to focus on teaching--not on making worksheets! Your response time is amazing (I honestly wasn't expecting to hear back from you when I wrote--I just thought I'd try). I will be recommending every teacher I meet to your website!

Great site, makes it easy to tailor make support for children.

Just a note to let you know I appreciate the hard work you have put in on these sheets. At the beginning of our Math hour each afternoon my class begins by working a "Mad Minute" drill that I have formed from your worksheets. They progressively move up and work through the levels. It has been very rewarding as they each grow very excited when they pass and are able to complete the next level.

Just wanted to say what a great site you have made! I love the fact I can get worksheets for my 4th grader & 9th grader on the same site. Today was the first day I used it & it is fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to make these. I really appreciate it!!

Peter, your Website is absolutely awesome! I use your worksheets for extra math practice with my third graders. Your site has more math worksheets than any other I've come across. Just want to say thank you.

these work sheets are awesome! and they come with an answer sheet!

Thanks so much for all the time you put into I have adult students who, for some reason, missed some of the concepts when they were younger and these drills are great for them. It's difficult to find practice skills for them that don't seem too elemetary, but the drills on this site seem to work out quite nicely. I have students of all levels come in for help, but the decimals and fractions seem to be the areas where most need a little bit of review.

Your site is fabulous! It's a very recent find for me and one that will be well utilized.

First of all excellent website. I have seen nothing better out there yet and I don't plan to go anywhere else to get tools to help my students that I tutor learn.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! This is my first full year teaching (3rd grade), and when I stumbled upon your Yahoo Group, it was as if I had found a pot of gold! I appreciate the work that you do to help me teach my students. Right now, we're working on our multiples of 4, but I've already looked through the rest of your website's printables at all the other math principles I need to teach this year. Thanks to your worksheets, planning math time in my classroom is much easier. I've spread the word to the rest of my 3rd grade team, too. You are a valuable asset in my daily life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have been using your site weekly for our math fluency drills. You have provided a great variety of worksheets and skills. One student is selected in the class to do the fluency drill using your online flash cards - a nice way to mix up the mundane fast facts. Thank you for providing such a useful site!

First, let me tell you that one of the algebra teachers at my school found your site. Now all of us are using. It is great!!

I don't know what I would do without your website! Because I teach Special Education, the grade level text and workbooks are always too difficult for my students. Each year I am closer to having complete math curriculum on their level that parallels their grade level curriculum but I could not do it without your worksheets! Thank you!!!

I greatly appreciate your unselfish dedication expressed through the worksheets you have made available FREE of charge for all to have access to! Being a family on a fixed income regardless of our good intentions and dreams we have for our children to do well in math; without this service, your time, dedication and passion towards others my children's education would be compromised. Praises to you, thank you!

I am a teacher, and I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for providing these free worksheets. It saves me so much time and is a huge help in my classroom.

As a parent of a 2nd grader, I want to thank you for this web site. I've been using it since my daughter was in 1st grade. It has helped my daughter become a better math student. I know that keeping up this web site and constantly adding new material takes a lot of time, I just want you to know I truly appreciate what you do. We need more people like you in this world.

Your site is amazing. Thanks for all of your hard work putting these math sheets together! It is obvious that you share my same dream of making sure that every child learns!!

I just want to thankyou for your time and support.It means so much to me that someone who doesn't know me from adam cares enough to help me help my daughter with these worksheets.People like yourself are needed all over this world.