Dots Math Game

Welcome to the Dots Math Game at where if you're seeing spots, it is quite normal. The Dots math game challenges you to use logic and spatial sense and to anticipate the moves of the computer opponent. If you would rather play with a friend, use the:

Printable Dots Math Game Boards

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Dots Math Game Instructions

In the dots math game, your goal is to make more squares than the computer. To begin, choose two dots, and a line segment will be drawn between the dots. You and the computer will alternate turns from that point on. Whenever a box is drawn, one point is scored and the person who scored the point gets a free turn. Whoever has the most boxes in the end wins the dots math game.

You can play the Dots Math Game offline with a friend. You will need two different colors of pen/marker/pencil. Take turns making line segements just as if you were playing the computer. Every time you enclose a square with your line segment, you can color it in and get an extra turn. This could quite possibly be your new tic-tac-toe!

Printable Dots Math Game Boards