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Saint Patrick’s Day 2022

Math-Drills includes an entire page devoted to Saint Patrick’s Day math worksheets including patterning, comparing, counting, geometry, word problems and arithmetic. Two new additions to the page this year are described below.

Secret Saint Patrick’s Day Messages

Secret message worksheets are classic worksheets that I remember when I was a child many many (well, okay not that many) years ago. They reward students with a decoded message, in this case, related to Saint Patrick’s Day, once they complete some math questions. The basic procedure is to complete the “decoder” which associates sums with letters and other characters. Students then find those sums in the coded message and input the associated letters from the decoder. There are three worksheets in this series with different secret messages and different addend ranges: 1 to 25, two-digit and three-digit.

There are clever ways to get around completing all of the addition questions using language prediction, estimation, and/or a process of elimination. The secret messages are probably not overly familiar to students and not always what you would expect. E.g. there is not a “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from!” secret message (although that does appear in the footer).

It wasn’t easy, but I made the Secret Saint Patrick’s Day Message worksheets fillable and savable, so if you don’t want to or can’t print them, they can be completed in full on the screen then saved.

Leprechaun Missing Digits

The Saint Patrick’s Day page used to have only one missing digits worksheet, but now it has 14 with ten versions each (plus I left the old one on there)! There are easier and harder missing digits worksheets for addition, subtraction, mixed addition/subtraction, multiplication, division, mixed multiplication/division, and all operations mixed, so there should be something there for most students. The worksheets are decorated randomly with related clip art which students might find interesting and may prompt some questions — like what is that bunch of leaves on there? (those would be leaves of the Sessile Oak which is Ireland’s national tree). They may even spot Giggles McDoodle himself (the leprechaun who erased all those missing digits).

All of the new missing digits worksheets are printable, but they are also fillable and savable, so students can complete them on their screen without printing.