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New Easter Math Worksheets 2022

There are a few new math worksheets for Easter 2022 on Math-Drills. Following the popularity of the secret message and missing digits worksheets from previous holidays, these have now been added for Easter! The Easter page also has Cartesian art, an Easter egg map activity, arithmetic worksheets that follow the Easter Bunny’s path, word problems, and counting and patterning activities.

Secret Easter Messages

All new secret messages for Easter have been encoded on three addition practice worksheets: addends from 1 to 25, two-digit addends (shown below) and three-digit addends. If you’re new to this type of worksheet, the first step is to solve the addition questions in “The Decoder.” Next, you use the letters and punctuation associated with the sums to fill out “The Secret Message.” For example, in the first spot of the decoder, 92 + 34 = 126, so 126 is associated with A. The second spot in the secret message is 126, so you would write an A above the line there and anywhere else where 126 occurs.

As with the Saint Patrick’s Day versions, I’ve tried to find some interesting text that isn’t overly predictable, but still has a positive message for Easter time.

Easter Missing Digits

Yikes! Easter rabbits ate a bunch of digits from these Easter missing digits worksheets because they thought they were clover. The challenge for your students is to figure out what they ate. Some questions are straight-forward and others require a little more thinking. There are worksheets for all the operations individually (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and mixed worksheets as well (addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, all operations mixed). In addition, there are easier and harder worksheets for each of the above. Example questions from the harder subtraction worksheet are shown in the image below.

All of the new missing digits worksheets are printable, but they are also fillable and savable, so students can complete them on their screen without printing. The images above show light blue boxes which only appear on your screen, not on the printed version.

Mr. West (West Explains Best) made a tutorial video for the Easter Missing Digits All Operations Mixed (Easier Version) on YouTube.