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Percentage Increase/Decrease Worksheets

The percentage increase/decrease math worksheets were recently updated and improved. The questions involve determining the amount of change between two numbers. Students are given the original amount and a new amount and they need to figure out by how much the amount has increased or decreased.

The old versions had a few confusing aspects to them that were remedied with the new versions. Each question in the new versions is numbered, shows an arrow going from the first number to the second number and two arrows (up and down, green and red) that students can use to reinforce whether the amount has increased or decreased.

As with most Math-Drills worksheets, many options are available.  There are versions with whole numbers, decimal numbers, whole dollar amounts and decimal dollar amounts. For each of those, there are versions with 1, 5 and 25 percent intervals. For example on a version with 5 percent intervals, the amount will increase or decrease by 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, … up to 95 percent in each question. An example of the answer key is shown in the image below. Students can circle the appropriate arrow (up or down) then calculate the percentage change.

Percentage Increase/Decrease Sample Questions