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New Student Page Button

A new feature on the Math-Drills website allows teachers, parents, and other educators to download a PDF that only includes the question page for many of the website’s 58 thousand worksheets. The “Student” button will enable anyone to access an already “split” version of the worksheet that excludes the answer key. Previously, the “Download” button caused you to download a PDF that included the question page and the answer key and you had to use a separate program to split it. The “Download” button is still there, but it has been renamed the “Teacher” button.

Here is a summary of what each button does:

Print: Initiates your browsers print dialog and acts slightly differently depending on what browser you use. In the print window, you can decide to print all or only selected pages.

Open: Opens the PDF in your browser if there is built-in support. It may act differently if you have changed settings related to opening PDFs.

Teacher: Initiates a download of the complete PDF including the question page and the answer key.

Student: Initiates a download of the question page(s) of the PDF. If you would rather open this page in your browser, right-click on the button and select “Open link in new tab/window” or similar text depending on the browser.

Of course, if you need the answer key, it is a good idea to get both the teacher and student versions right away or to bookmark the page, so you know how to get back to it. Student/question pages all have “qp” on the end of the filename in case you need to identify them in a folder.

This new feature should help teachers who are serving students online which is a lot more of you than usual during this pandemic. Our terms of use allow for just about any use that involves helping students learn math, including sending worksheets to your students electronically and making them available on classroom websites/portals such as Google classroom. You may not make them publicly available or make money from them.

As of the writing of this newsletter, not all worksheets have a “Student” download link yet, however, they are coming quickly, and it is quite possible that some may be missed. If you need a student page and there is no “Student” button, please send me the URL and I’ll make it available ASAP.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is coming soon and Math-Drills includes a selection of Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets now with student pages!