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Happy Halloween 2021!

It is already October and our scary math worksheets are already “flying off the shelves.” Here are a few highlights:

Counting Halloween Objects in Various Arrangements: These worksheets were updated recently to a newer design and made fillable and savable, so they can be done online, but they are still very printable. There are versions for counting objects in linear, rectangular, circular and scattered arrangements.

Jack-o’-lantern Cartesian Art: This is often the most popular math worksheet at Halloween and is followed closely by seven other Cartesian art activities. These worksheets give students a set up coordinates to plot that hopefully end up as a satisfying Halloween picture.

Hair-raising Halloween Math Word Problems: This is also a popular worksheet and is comprised of 18 unique problems (written by yours truly) on a variety of topics and levels. Teachers are welcome to use the problems as is or modify them for their needs. Use one or some or use them all!

There are 125 different worksheets with multiple versions of most of them available on the Halloween Math Worksheets page or by searching for “Halloween” using the search box. Happy Halloween 2021 from Math-Drills!