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Halloween 2020 Math Worksheets

Halloween 2020 could be one of the strangest ever, but don’t let that stop you from getting into the “spirit” of things. The collection of Halloween math worksheets has once again grown to accommodate even more students and skill levels. This year, I’ve added a number of Missing Digits math worksheets with a ghostly figure theme, and I assure you the ghosts are quite friendly and come in a variety of sizes.

The idea of missing digits is to get away from just adding, or just subtracting, etc. Each question includes both the question and the answer, but some of the digits in the question are missing; they could be missing in the addends (for example) or in the answers. The challenge is to fill in the missing digits with the numbers that make the question correct. Pictured below are some sample questions from the mixed operations (easier) version. There are easier and harder versions for addition only, subtraction only, multiplication only, division only, mixed addition and subtraction, mixed multiplication and division, and all operations on the same page.

Long-time visitors might remember the old version of this worksheet (which is still there, by the way) that had a zombie theme. The main problem is that there was only one version of it (mixed addition, subtraction and multiplication) and it didn’t include any division. There was also the odd question that had more than one solution which maybe isn’t a terrible thing, but the new versions don’t suffer from that same issue.

For those unfamiliar with the selection of Halloween math worksheets on Math-Drills, there is quite a variety: Halloween math word problems, Cartesian art, counting, patterning, arithmetic, geometry, measurement, probability, sorting and graph paper (not necessarily in that order); a good selection to accommodate any student.