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Autumn Math Worksheets

Autumn Cartesian Art Fall Leaf Design (One Quadrant)

Autumn arrives this week in the Holarctic realm (Northern areas) and in a never-ending quest to add new and better math worksheets, I’ve added some new fall-themed math worksheets to the website.

The first new worksheet pictured is actually a Cartesian art project for students. It comes in two versions: a one-quadrant and a four-quadrant. Students plot the coordinate pairs, join the points together as they go and color the result. The one-quadrant version includes coordinates from 0 to 50 in both the x and y axes. The four-quadrant version extends from -25 to 25 in both axes. I put the scales along the bottoms and left sides in both cases as they always tend to get in the way in four-quadrant versions when they are placed next to the axes. Students might find it helpful to use a ruler or a square to help them find the coordinates if they have trouble eyeballing them.

Autumn Trees Part-to-Part Picture Ratios (Scattered) (B)

The next type of worksheets are to help students learn ratios, but they can also be a fun review for students as there are pictures involved. Two types of picture ratio worksheets were included: those with grouped pictures and those with scattered/mixed pictures (the latter shown in the thumbnail). In addition, you have the option of part-to-part, part-to-whole or both types on the same page.

Autumn Missing Digits Addition (Easier Version) (A)

The final new set of worksheets includes our famous “Missing Digits” done in an autumn theme. These worksheets are a little different than your standard operations worksheets as they don’t ask for they answer, but for students to fill in the missing digits in the entire question including digits in the question and digits in the answer. There are many different options for these worksheets, including addition, subtraction, multiplication or division by itself on the page. There are also mixed addition/subtraction, multiplication/division and all operations versions. All of the above have both easier and harder versions, so there should be something for most elementary students. Until they get the hang of it, students might find them a little difficult, but with a little assistance, should start to figure things out quickly. This is assuming, of course, they already know how to do the operation in question.

There are two ways to find the new autumn worksheets on Math-Drills. First, visit the autumn math worksheets on the seasonal math page. The second and perhaps better way is to search for autumn on the search page and you will not only find the new autumn math worksheets, but a few older ones as well, notably the picture patterns with autumn leaves. I hope you enjoy these new themed math worksheets and let me know if you would like to see the same sorts of worksheets for other themes (just reply to this email).

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